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Sports Motivation is an independent Spotify Playlist.

Made 4 years ago, the playlist grew organic and now has more than 30.000 Followers on Spotify. The main music styles in the playlist are EDM, Progressive House and Electro. Some songs are more mainstream, others are by young newcomers.


Generally we are always open for new music. But when it comes to adding songs to our playlist, our guiding principle is: “Quality first”. The music taste of 31.000 Followers might not be homogene, but a song has to fit to the playlist style and has to convince us.

If you’re wondering how to get your songs also on other Playlists, we suggest you to have a look at Playlist Push.

You are an artist, producer, DJ, singer, manager or music agency?

You produce EDM, House or something similar and are convinced that your track fits to our playlist?

Then we’re waiting for your submission!

Please submit songs via DM on Instagram to our profile sportsmotivation.spotify

You can also send us an E-Mail:

Please keep in mind we get many submissions, so we might not response on the same day.

Also: We can not feature all songs on our playlist. If your song can’t be added to the playlist, this does not mean we don’t like your track, but it’s just not the perfect fit for our playlist.

Still we are always happy, if we can support artists. That’s why we created the playlist “Sports Motivation – Newcomer Mix”. With this playlist we offer all artists, who submit us a track that fit to the Sports Motivation style, a stage to be discovered. Feel free to connect with us!

Playlist Push

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