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Music Promotion - Easier with PlaylistPush

Music Promotion can be pretty tough and frustrating for both, artists and curators. Artists often write mails to hundrets of curators without getting any feedback. On the other hand, many playlist curators do the playlist curation as a hobby and do not have the time to check out all the songs that are submitted to them. PlaylistPush solves this problem, by connecting artists to curators with active Spotify Playlists. They give you feedback and add your track to their Playlist if it matches to the Playlist.

PlaylistPush connects Artists and Curators

What’s Playlist Push?

PlaylistPush is a playlist pitching service for independent musicians and artists. It’s a platform that connects artists and playlist curators while creating value for both. As an artist, you have the chance to get into the playlists, which will increase your streams and bring you new fans. You also get feedback on your music and can benefit additionally.


How does Playlist Push work?

As an artist, you can start your campaign on PlaylistPush to pitch your songs to independent Spotify Playlist Curators. Those Curators listen to your song and give you a valid feedback. If the song convinces the playlist Curator and matches the vibe of the playlists, the Curator adds your song. You’re campaign runs 2 weeks, after that PlaylistPush  will send you a campaign report with the performance of you’re campaign.

How much does Playlist Push cost?

Not all PlaylistPush Campaigns cost the same, but the average PlaylistPush campaign for music promotion costs about $450. You can also start the music promotion with a lower budget of around $250. The prices also depend on the genre of your targeted playlists.

Playlist Push Discount

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Playlist Push

We also use Playlist Push, a playlist pitching service for artists to get your music discovered on Spotify.
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