New Hardstyle Workout Playlist: Explosive Mix

November 29, 2019

Hardstyle Workout Playlist
November 29, 2019

Good news for all hardstyle fans! Finally there is a workout playlist that’s in your favor. “Explosive Mix – Sports Motivation” is our interpretation of how a highly energetic workout should sound like. It is a brand new Hardstyle Workout Playlist with more than 130 Hardstyle Tracks that are absolutly insane for working out. Listening to this playlist when doing sport will push your workout to another level!

The playlist is updated frequently so you don’t miss the latest hardstyle bangers in your workout. There is a mix of older hardstyle anthems and brand new releases making “Explosive Mix – Sports Motivation” a really unique sports playlist that no hardstyle fan should miss. In case you should find out that there is track missing you can just tell us on Instagram!

New Armiin van Buuren Track in Explosive Mix - Sports Motivation

Armin van Buuren is one of the most iconic DJs on the world and primary known for his melodic trance tracks. Lately, he published “Don’t Let Me Go” a uplifting EDM track with a hardstyle kick. Definitly a pushing track for working out!

Why is hardstyle perfect for your Workout?

Hardstyle naturally is a really energetic and upbeat genre. Most tracks have more than 125 BPM and are a little more aggressive than EDM Anthems like from Avicii. Our Hardstyle Workout Playlist includes 135 great songs and is about 7,5 hours long, so you don’t need to listen to a track twice if you use the Shuffle Mode on Spotify.

So what are you waiting for? Listen on Spotify and start your workout here!

Aviciis posthumus album released

News on the Avicii Album "Tim" released on June 6, 2019.

Hardstyle Workout Playlist

Explosive Mix - Sports Motivation

New Workout Playlist for all Hardstyle Fans.

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